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ITIQ is an early pioneer in the development of cloud technology by building their own data center and developing highly innovative SaaS mobile-enabled enterprise applications. Founded in 2002, ITIQ is the leader in design, integration, deployment, and project management of cloud architectures enabling their clients to fully leverage the power of the cloud.

The business problem today is that there are many excellent cloud based solutions on the market that serve a singular purpose - but to efficiently run a business, numerous software systems are necessary. To integrate the best-in-class cloud technology into an efficient serviceable model is a daunting process – especially for large global companies. ITIQ understands the cloud and can make it highly cost effective and scalable for any company, regardless of the size of your business.


The undisputed expert in agnostic cloud technology providing seamless integration with the business tools and systems used to operate and manage your business.

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Advanced enterprise technology at a cost suited for any size business. We provide technology customized to meet your specific business needs with integration to top cloud service providers such as Salesforce, AWS, Office365, and Netsuite.

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Our ability to leverage the best aspects of leading software applications and cloud service providers creates exceptional value in the form of true cost savings, increased productivity, and an enhanced customer experience.

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