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The best-in-class cloud technology

The business problem today is that there are many excellent cloud based solutions on the market that serve a singular purpose - but to efficiently run a business, numerous software systems are necessary.  To integrate the best-in-class cloud technology into an efficient serviceable model is a daunting process – especially for large global companies.

Custom cloud solutions

This is where ITIQ comes in.  We are experts at cloud based enterprise technology.  Our highly experienced professionals understand the infrastructure, organization design, regulations, and business process implications of moving to the cloud and can help you avoid common problems and costs associated with cloud technologies.  In keeping with our proven best practices and intellectual property, we start by conducting a detailed technical and business analysis, in order to create a design that achieves your objectives and is ready to build.

Project management professionals

If you already have an existing project that requires expert project management leaders to facilitate a deployment, ITIQ can provide the needed project management professions to support your initiative.

We provide the following project management services:

  • Needs Assessments
  • Technology / Vendor Due Diligence
  • Product Alignment / Selection Assessments
  • Vendor Negotiation Services
  • Project Oversight and Management Services
  • User Transition / Training Services

Regardless of the cloud maturity stage you are at, ITIQ can offer you a broad range of design and project management services to meet your specific business requirements.  To understand our design and project management methodology, read our white paper: “ITIQ Project Management Methodology”.

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