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Today’s consumer conducts their financial affairs much different than any other time in history. Consumers want instant secure access to information with the ability to get a loan or purchase insurance via the internet. This means that financial institutions need to embrace the way consumers want to do business. Unfortunately, most financial institutions are far behind the technology curve.

To align your financial business with millennials requires a mobile enabled on-line social community that consists of all stakeholders’ in your product network. For example, if you are a mortgage company, in addition to the customer, your social community could consist of realtors, investors, non-profit organizations, title companies, appraisers, brokers, social media networks, mortgage servicers, and real estate listing companies.

ITIQ provides the technology to not only seamlessly connect all these important stakeholders’ together, but also integrate with your backend technologies necessary for you to efficiently provide service to your prospects and customers while maintaining nationwide compliance.

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