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While there are considerable cost savings to be achieved from leveraging the cloud, Media companies have very complex requirements for the cloud to be a viable option to support their business. Not only does security need to be an utmost priority, but the transport network must be extensive considering the large size of production data. Raw production data for media production companies is typically in the petabytes – not gigabytes or even terabytes as created by other applications. Therefore, extensive storage repositories and compute processing power is very important to rendering and handling media production data.

ITIQ has the answer to solve these issues. ITIQ has partnerships with the largest network service companies in the world to provide the fastest available transport network. Additionally, ITIQ constantly monitors the availability of compute farms so as to provide the lowest cost of processing at any given time. Since we are providing a processing on demand service, media companies only pay for use versus paying for infrastructure that sits idle in between production schedules.

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