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Service Management

Replace email and spreadsheets with collaborative workspaces and automated business services. Create a modern work environment by placing a service‑oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that make up day‑to‑day work life. This service model enables enterprise service domains to define services, provide an intuitive service experience, deliver service, assure service availability and analyze critical service metrics.

IT Operations Management

Imagine a world without outages. The hours saved and headaches avoided. The high‑value new business services you could roll out and, better yet, keep running smoothly. But how do you bring order to chaos, much less deliver improved service, when most of your time is spent putting out fires? Maturing your service operations takes vision and planning. It’s a multi‑stage process.

Business Management

Responding to the needs of the business is difficult when you lack visibility into demand, costs, and resources. Our Business Management solutions extend your visibility so you can manage your most important investments: people, projects, compliance, and vendors. Consolidate business data to effectively manage demand, understand your costs, utilize your resources, execute on projects, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage business relationships.

Application Management

You need custom applications to meet the needs of your business. You may even be struggling with the backlog of application demand in your business. Building applications has traditionally been expensive and time consuming due to the complexity of the underlying platforms and the programming skills needed. Integrating these applications with other functions in the enterprise presents additional challenges. As a result, frustrated users are either left using inefficient, manual tools or forced to go around IT to buy a point solution.

With ServiceNow, IT admins and professional developers can build and deploy cloud‑native business applications on the ServiceNow enterprise application Platform as a Service (aPaaS). Developers can build powerful applications faster using the Studio cloud IDE coupled with a rich set of prebuilt services and templates. After an application is built and tested, it can be published to users with a single click. These applications can span from a single department to the entire enterprise, and may include such applications as order management, HR case management, legal request processing, and other line of business applications.

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