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Encoureage the Sharing of Ideas

Create a virtual environment where your employees and customers can share thoughts, ideas, and questions with each other.


  • Easy to use
    Our forums are easy to use, set up, moderate, administrate, and customize.
  • No Size Limit
    With ITIQ, you can create as many categories, boards, members, threads, topics and posts as you like. There's no limit. We like busy forums!
  • Customizable
    Create a unique and wondrous place with the best customization tools of any free forum.
  • Mobile App
    Android or iPhone; Now members can stay connected when they're on-the-go. We're the only online free forum service supported by our own mobile app!
  • Simple Admin Tools
    With our super simple admin tools, managing a forum has never been easier! You'll like the clean organization of our easy to use admin area with clear language and a simple layout.
  • YouTube Embedding
    Now members can share their favorite YouTube clips and embed them directly into discussion posts.
  • Upload Files
    Share files with other forum members (music, pictures, documents, etc); Upload attachments directly into topic posts.
  • Top Moderation Tools
    As forum moderating can often be a delicate job, ITIQ provides effective tools for moderators to discuss issues and render decisions beyond the view of other forum members.

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