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Improved Customer Engagement

Integration of videos in a web site increases the likelihood of organic first-page ranking by 53 times. Customers will also realize significant increases in customer engagement by integrating professional graphics and videos in their web site. The typical problem of adding graphics and video to a web site is that they are large in data size creating delays in displaying web pages at the speed expected by consumers.

Better Performance Than Standard Media Delivery

ITIQ Content Delivery Network (CDN) improves performance of your web pages and applications by caching content at locations closest to your customers. Regardless if you have one person or one million concurrent users of your web site or applications, ITIQ high-speed CDN service is extremely scalable and flexible providing you the optimal solution to meet your most demanding video and music delivery requirements.

Additional challenges face online gaming companies like Blizzard and Electronic Arts. Due to the millions of concurrent users accessing a wide multitude of different views containing high-definition graphics, music, and player communication interaction a very unique and highly robust load-balanced network must be in place. ITIQ is one of the few providers in the world that has such a network infrastructure to support the high demands for reliability and performance of on-line gaming companies.

Explore your options. Contact ITIQ today for additional details on our customized CDN and gaming infrastructure solutions.

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