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Heatmap Tests Reveal Visitor Behavior

A heatmap is more than just 'eye candy'. It's an extremely insightful tool as long as you know what you are looking for. Using heatmaps, there are simple and actionable ways to improve your site pages.

The Link Test

Click and Tap Heatmaps will reveal this behavior. Look for images, titles or graphical shapes that have a lot of click and tap activity. It's important to discover these opportunities since they are potential 'dead-ends' and can lead to visitors abandoning your site.

The Distraction Test

It is incredibly easy to distract your visitor from what they are looking for, and from reaching their goal, such as placing an order. You can spot this behavior in Move Heatmaps when cursor activity is spread all over the page instead of focused on the pages' key messages and call to actions (such as buttons and links). On the other hand, high activity on very small areas of the page means that your visitors are not really interested in other content on the page.

The Information Test

You can detect this behavior on pages using Heatmaps. Typical patterns are high density of moves, clicks or taps in a very small area or high % scrolling to the very end of your page (visitors reached the end of the page and are still looking) without any click or tap activity. Identifying and adding missing information will have a big impact on visitor engagement and goal conversion rates.

The Device Test

With the rise in popularity of extra large screens, netbooks, tablets and phones your site is experienced in different ways on different sized screens. Important content that is high on your page on a desktop could end up well below the fold on a phone. Equally, your page content could look sparse and unreadable on very large screens. Heatmap reports will easily reveal these differences across different browsers – as well as the difference in how your visitors use your pages differently on different screen sizes.

The Depth Test

It is very common for your visitors not to realize there is additional content lower on your pages since this is not readily visible. In most cases, this is due to false bottoms. A false bottom is a line break or color block can make visitors think they have reached the end of the page. Too much white space close to the fold will also mislead your visitors into thinking that what they are seeing is the complete page. Scroll Heatmaps will easily reveal this behavior.

The Engagement Test

Low attention and engagement can be easily detected using the Move and Click / Tap heatmaps.

The Fold Test

You have a very small time window with which to engage your visitors and communicate your key messages. Every Heatmap will show you the average fold position for each device – giving you an instant view of the area within which you need to engage you visitors and convince them to stay.

The Header Test

Click, Tap and Move heatmaps will reveal how much of your visitor's attention is being used for elements in your header e.g. navigation.

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