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Comprehensive Network Security in the Cloud

ITIQ can quickly and efficiently deliver uniform, network-based security through fully managed suite of network-based security capabilities that is easy and cost effective to deploy. The solution helps shield your infrastructure, company hardware, and applications from being compromised or disrupted by security threats. ITIQ integrates the Security as a Service {SaaS} offering with your existing service so that you can centralize network security controls and policies.

Managed Network Security Features

  • Cloud or CPE based Firewall with customizable rules
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection Services with application intelligence to detect and prevent malicious traffic from gaining network access
  • Anti-virus protection at the edge, application, server and PC Desktop level
  • Perimeter security, external, internal and remote
  • 24x7 monitoring by ITIQ's Network Operations Center
  • Immediate updates to security when new threats emerge
  • VPN configuration options both cloud and hybrid
  • Flexible delivery methods: CPE or Cloud-Based
  • Secure Wi-Fi options: CPE or Cloud-Based
  • Web content filtering, globally customized

Next Generation Network Firewall Protection

  • ITIQ uses the industry's top ranked Unified Threat Management platform
  • Provides Stateful packet inspection of Internet traffic
  • Distinguishes legitimate packets for different types of connections
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
  • Safeguards your private wide area network from targeted attacks or other attacks
  • Includes Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection
  • Looks for anomalous data and generates alerts when it finds unauthorized data packets

Web and Content Filtering

  • Prevents users from entering company-prohibited websites
  • Allows you to custom design lists that allow or deny access based on company policies and best use practices

Secure Remote Access

  • Allows users to connect to your corporate network while on the road or from an off-net, home office location
  • Provides network authentication, grants access and maintains security privileges for the remote connections

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