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Business Intelligence

ITIQ is a very fast, cloud-powered business intelligence (BI) service that makes it easy for all employees to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data. ITIQ uses a new, Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine (“SPICE”) to perform advanced calculations and render visualizations rapidly. ITIQ integrates automatically with ITIQ data services, enables organizations to scale to hundreds of thousands of users, and delivers fast and responsive query performance to them via SPICE’s query engine. At one-tenth the cost of traditional solutions, ITIQ enables you to deliver rich BI functionality to everyone in your organization.

Data Warehouse

ITIQ is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools.

Machine Learning

ITIQ Machine Learning is a service that makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to use machine learning technology. ITIQ Machine Learning provides visualization tools and wizards that guide you through the process of creating machine learning (ML) models without having to learn complex ML algorithms and technology. Once your models are ready, ITIQ Machine Learning makes it easy to obtain predictions for your application using simple APIs, without having to implement custom prediction generation code, or manage any infrastructure.

ITIQ Machine Learning is based on the same proven, highly scalable, ML technology used for years by ITIQ’s internal data scientist community. The service uses powerful algorithms to create ML models by finding patterns in your existing data. Then, ITIQ Machine Learning uses these models to process new data and generate predictions for your application.

ITIQ Machine Learning is highly scalable and can generate billions of predictions daily, and serve those predictions in real-time and at high throughput. With ITIQ Machine Learning, there is no upfront hardware or software investment, and you pay as you go, so you can start small and scale as your application grows.

Streaming Data

ITIQ is a platform for streaming data on ITIQ, offering powerful services to make it easy to load and analyze streaming data, and also providing the ability for you to build custom streaming data applications for specialized needs. Web applications, mobile devices, wearables, industrial sensors, and many software applications and services can generate staggering amounts of streaming data – sometimes TBs per hour – that need to be collected, stored, and processed continuously. ITIQ services enable you to do that simply and at a low cost.

Data Pipelines

ITIQ has a web service that helps you reliably process and move data between different ITIQ compute and storage services, as well as on-premise data sources, at specified intervals. With ITIQ, you can regularly access your data where it’s stored, transform and process it at scale, and efficiently transfer the results to ITIQ services.

ITIQ helps you easily create complex data processing workloads that are fault tolerant, repeatable, and highly available. You don’t have to worry about ensuring resource availability, managing inter-task dependencies, retrying transient failures or timeouts in individual tasks, or creating a failure notification system. ITIQ also allows you to move and process data that was previously locked up in on-premise data silos.

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