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There is a global movement towards people working more from the road and at home. This movement towards Tele-workers has caused an exponential sales growth of smart phones and portable computers. Smart phones are still a great communication device; but unfortunately, the screen and keyboard are far too small to complete business critical transactions. Hence, most people carry a portable computer (most common with road warriors today are notebook and tablet computers), but limited bandwidth of broadband wireless communications makes it difficult to run corporate business applications.

ITIQ has changed the landscape of the mobile computing experience for our customers by supporting the efficient use of business applications via a broadband wireless connection. Our proprietary compression and communication system optimally allows portable computers to operate as efficiently as if they were connected in your office.

Available Features

  • Professional messaging services
  • Collaboration and group / team transaction sharing
  • Audio and Web Conferencing services
  • Sales management
  • Transaction management
  • Document management

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