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ITIQ’s CloudPaneTM provides a secure and highly integrated enterprise solution that is customized to your specific business needs.  Our integration expertise greatly benefits our customers by leveraging the power of the cloud while providing a seamless service across multiple platforms.

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CloudPaneTM is our one-of-a-kind management console.

Features of CloudPaneTM

The business problem today is that there are many excellent cloud based solutions on the market that serve a singular purpose - but to efficiently run a business, numerous software systems are necessary.  To integrate the best-in-class cloud technology into an efficient serviceable model is a daunting process – especially for large global companies.  

This is where CloudPaneTM comes in.  A technology that seamlessly integrates all your necessary business applications into a cohesive company-wide system from front (web site / mobile app / sales systems) to backend (Order Management / HR / Business Intelligence).  ITIQ currently has integration expertise to over 300 cloud service providers and growing.  And if we don’t currently support an application used by your business, we will develop the appropriate interface to incorporate your requested business application.

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Typical Customer Model

Typical Customer Model

Customer Benefit

Our greatest value is our understanding of business and our uncanny ability to provide the best systems in alignment with your business needs.  Our platform is designed to integrate all systems into a seamless, highly secure, manageable, and customer-centric system that is customized to support your business processes.

Typical Customer Model

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Utility Computing

Highly scalable technology with limitless processing capabilities spanning global data centers with petabytes of data storage capabilities.

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Computing, storage, content delivery, database, networking, backup and recovery.

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Rich Platform Services

Analytics, enterprise applications, and mobile services.

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Productivity and Efficiency

Management tools, security, identity, and application services.

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