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Plugging Into Interactive Advertising

ITIQ's digital marketing technology extends far beyond conventional marketing methods. While many people selling Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services believe there service is the key to effectively marketing on the internet, the reality is that there is no singular method of digital marketing that by itself is truly effective. Only through the effectively integration and management of several methods of digital marketing will you truly realize the results of an effective strategy.

ITIQ is the expert at delivering targeted marketing technologies to complement your marketing strategy.

Features and Options

  • Google Analytics Mobile Profile Integration
    Use existing Google Analytics account as a single reporting dashboard.
  • SMS Reporting
    Measure activity to an addressable phone number: Keyword response rates, leads, interactive form completions, and mobile web click path.
  • Mobile SEO
    Fine tune search results for an audience on-the-go.
  • Mobile Lead-Generation (Cost-per-lead or Cost-per-acquisition)
    Use various tools such as SMS, Mobile Web forms, click-to-call, and advertiser alerts to generate qualified leads and enhance ad traffic value.
  • Domain and Sub-domain Marketing
    Separately manage and market web addresses that are mobile specific (;;
  • Ad Network Integration and Tracking
    Integrate with 3rd-party ad networks and ad serving software. Sell and manage banner inventory on mobile sites, and implement 3rd-party mobile tracking software.
  • Integrated Marketing Platform
    Manage your digital marketing campaigns from one interface including digital displays, mobile, press releases, social media, discounts and coupons, etc.

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