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Powerful and Cost Effective

Proximity Marketing delivers the most powerful and cost effective means of directly connecting to a consumer to capture there interest on the spot! Through a mobile Blue Tooth or Wi-Fi connection, we can broadcast any real-time marketing message with instant tracking capabilities. With our technology advertisers enjoy high conversion rates which translate into greater return on marketing investments.

Features of Service:

  • Extremely targeted digital marketing system.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other forms of social media systems.
  • Works with most commercially installed wireless systems.
  • Supports most media types, including text, audio, and video.

Mobile Marketing Approach

ITIQ's mobile technology can broadcast via blue tooth or Wi-Fi a wide range of marketing messages based on your particular business. Our marketing messages are designed for maximum consumer opt-in and participation -- even after they leave your business.

A highly effective method for creating an engaging connection with your customer is through use of a free Wi-Fi service. Our technology is typically used in the following way: 1) an offer to connect and use your free W-Fi service is broadcasted; 2) Information is requested, such as for the consumer to enter their name and cell phone number to access the Wi-Fi network; 3) our system sends a text message to the consumer with the code necessary to access the Wi-Fi network; and 4) they are redirected to a mobile web portal that provides a wide range of valuable information including deals and marketing messages offered by your business.

You are now making money with your free Wi-Fi service and increasing your brand value. Plus this service extends far beyond your business because you can continue to market to the consumer and they will always have access to your mobile web portal.

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